The Flourishing Connections Circle for women

Ever feel like you’re running on fumes, disconnected from the vibrant woman you know you are deep down?

You scroll through social media, viewing seemingly perfect lives, feeling lonely and disconnected. You crave meaningful conversations, but end up lost in the hum-drum routines of daily life. You’re not alone. As midlife women, we often juggle so many roles that we lose touch with ourselves and crave a deeper connection with others who ‘get it.’

The circles are held online on a Thursday evening at 19:30pm AEST. Due to the private nature of the discussions, there will be no recordings of the circles. To keep the space supportive and intimate, seats are limited to 10 women per circle.

Are you ready to prioritise activities that nourish your mind and spirit, even if life feels full right now? You know you’ve been meaning to 😘

The Flourishing Connections Circle for women age 40+ is a time for you to feel, to develop self-awareness and to find your spark again. It is a place to enjoy the camaraderie, support and encouragement from other women, travelling a similar journey, who see and recognise you.

Individual ticket sales are open, however purchasing your seat for all 5 sessions enhances the magical journey the circles will take you on and unlocks a discount.

Imagine entering a space where you can...

What is a Women's Circle?

They  are ancient ritual gatherings where women come together in a supportive, non-judgmental space to connect, share stories, offer guidance and empower each other.  The practice dates back to the dawn of human history.

In traditional societies, women’s circles were often associated with spiritual or religious practices and were used to celebrate life events, such as births, weddings and transitions into womanhood.  They were also used for healing and support as women shared knowledge about herbal remedies, midwifery and other practical skills.

Today they have evolved to serve modern women in a variety of ways. They often still incorporate elements of spirituality and ritual, but many focus on personal growth self-care and empowerment.  Their intention however remains the same, to create a safe and supportive space where women can connect, learn and grow together.

Does it feel like you’ve been putting your own needs on hold?

As a mom you pour your heart into your children, but sometimes wonder if anyone sees the woman you are beneath the endless loads of laundry and meal production. As a career woman, you may feel like you’re constantly striving to meet expectations of others, leaving little room for your own passions and dreams.

Flourishing Connections is a safe space to reconnect with yourself and rediscover what truly makes you happy. Through different themes and discussions, you can explore your interests and passions, and find ways to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Having spent time with your heart and mind, you’ll feel a sense of inner peace and alignment.

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How it works

step one

Each Flourishing Connections Circle will centre around a theme with short meditations, discussions and an activity. These help you reconnect and align with your heart and mind.

Numbers for each circle are strictly limited so advance booking is essential. 

By investing in the 5 session journey, you cultivate deeper connections and experience the magic of building relationships.

step two

Commit to showing up!

Wear clothing you can sit comfortably in and bring a bottle of water.  Each circle runs for approximately 1.5hrs.

Depending on the activity planned for the circle you are attending you may wish to bring your journal/notebook and writing/drawing supplies.

step three

Be curious, compassionate and connected both with yourself and those sharing the Circle with you.

You are not expected to journey through life alone. Through shared conversations and being witnessed, you’ll experience a powerful sense of validation and connection. 

Join us!

Ready to join?

Places for the 2024 online Flourishing Connections Circle series are limited to 10 ladies

This ensures the space is intimate and supportive, giving each woman the opportunity to share, be seen and heard – in a way that feels comfortable and right for her. There are no expectations, other than you arrive with an open mind and heart ready to connect with other like-minded ladies.

Individual ticket sales are AVAILABLE HERE.

However, by investing in the entire series not only do you unlock a discount, but you also experience the magic of building relationships over time and enjoying the journey the 5 circles will take you on.

Be bold and buy your seat NOW!

Booking Info

$85 for all 5 circles

$20 per individual circle

Circle Love

I felt nervous beforehand not knowing the people and being on camera together, but the space Tania created felt safe and supportive - both in the communication beforehand and as we started.
I have attended several of the Flourishing Connections Circles run by Tania and have found them to be a breathe of fresh air. Tania ran them in a supportive way that made the space feel warm, nurturing and safe. I got so much out of attending and would highly recommend them to any woman wanting to spend time in reflection with other like-minded ladies. Thank you Tania for creating these - I am excited for the next one.
Tania is amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed our Women’s Circle journey! Each Circle gave me the time I needed to reflect, release and receive with some wonderful like-minded women. Tania planned the sessions with enough time to learn, interact and play. The activities were thought provoking and resonated with what I am striving to achieve in life. I’m looking forward to the next series.

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Hi gorgeous lady, I’m Tania

I’m a Gen X mums Life Coach and Women’s Circle facilitator. I’m also an expat, ex-pharmacist, wife of over 25 years, and a mum to 3 young adults.

While my family remains at the heart of everything I do, I’ve shifted my focus to follow my passion.

As I approached my 50’s I found myself really feeling lost, frustrated and with no idea of what I truly loved or wanted from my life anymore.  What I termed my “3rd Chapter” of Motherhood was upon me with my children finishing school and leaving home.  My body was undergoing some incredible changes and I felt adrift.

Some deep soul searching, an interview series, coaching and studying have been happening over the past few years.  I found myself working to reconnect to my authentic self, building new habits and understanding what my values are in this new phase of my life.

The result of my past few years is discovering the desire to support women through this often unsettling stage of their lives – throw off the “shoulds” and love the inner YOU!

My mission is to empower midlife women to rediscover self-belief, confidence, and a passion for life. My promise is to see, hear, and value each person’s unique journey. While I may not be able to help you remember why you walked into a room or opened the fridge, I provide a safe and supportive space for my clients to explore their values, align with their passions, and create meaningful changes in their lives.

Through personalised coaching sessions and empowering Women’s Circle experiences, clients learn to unpack why they’re feeling stuck, uncertain about their direction and purpose and how to connect back to who they truly are and what they love.

I believe it’s time to prioritise yourself as you evolve into your “next chapter” and to know you’re not alone!

Some questions you may have for me

Our women’s circles are programmed to run for approximately 1.5hrs but this will depend somewhat on discussion and engagement.

Please make yourself comfortable and ensure we can see you with your camera on. You may like to light a candle, turn on your diffuser, bring a drink and a rug to throw over your lap if it’s chilly. Create a cozy, relaxing and private environment for yourself.

Yes absolutely! These are women’s circles aimed at those who are 40+.  Please either book in separately or include the name of your guest on the tickets you purchase.

I have been in your position and was feeling quite apprehensive around how much I would be required to share and how vulnerable I would feel. My advice is to come with curiosity and an open heart and mind. You are not required to share anything, but I hope that the supportive and encouraging nature of Circle will allow you to relax and contribute what you feel called to.

We will open with a mindful practice or meditation followed by a shared discussion and an activity.  There will be a theme to guide each circle.  I am not trained in the more spiritual practices eg. cacao ceremonies, moon circles, tarot cards or crystals. I do love nature, essential oils and open-minded learning, so I will use these to ground my circles.

Numbers will still be limited to enable everyone to share and to keep the space connected and supportive. You will be required to have your camera on, preferably in a quiet space on your own. There will be no recording of the circle to maintain privacy. You will be able to set up your own space with candles, essential oils etc and I will share any extra requirements needed for our activity with you prior to the time.


Ready to Flourish?

I am so excited to share a modern take on the ancient ritual of Women’s Circles with you!

The Flourishing Connections Circle is a community of women committed to growth, connection and empowerment. Whether it’s through practicing self-care, learning new skills or having meaningful conversations, we can all feel seen, heard and valued.

Join us for our next circle and discover the power of sisterhood and self-discovery!

Dates for the 2024 Flourishing Connections Circles:

All circles are held online on a Thursday evening at 19:30 AEST

  • 20th June – The Art of Letting Go
  • 18th July – Finding Joy
  • 22nd August – The Insight of Values
  • 19th September – Embracing Imperfection
  • 17th October – Exploring New Horizons
  • 14th November – Making Time to Celebrate