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I’m Tania, it’s great to meet you

Is life flashing by while you flounder feeling stuck, a little lost and lacking a real purpose and missing a dash of firey passion?

As an expat, ex-pharmacist, wife of over 25 years and a mum to 3 young adults, I find myself emerging from the messy middle (I typed muddle first haha quite accurate too) of discovering who I am and more importantly who I want to be during this next chapter of my life. 

I’ve spent the last couple of years digging deep, reading, researching and asking myself the tough questions to really understand what lights me up.  The world has changed so much over the past few years – not just the big wide world but my immediate world, and I know so many of you will have felt this too – that I had to evolve.  But how and why, and who am I now and what do I really want from this amazing life I’m privileged to have?

When I sat down and did some soul searching to work out what my values were, family did not come out on top… Wow, how on earth did that happen when I’ve just devoted almost 2 decades of my life to my family?

Connection, community and celebration were my top values.

My degree in Pharmacy taught me to look to science for answers.  As valuable as that was, so often on this journey I have had to rely on my intuition, my beliefs and my community for what I needed.  This took an entirely different skill set from what I had learnt in lectures.  My husband and I chose to follow his work opportunities through 4 countries on 3 continents, and I soon discovered Pharmacy was not a ‘portable’ degree and I gave up my professional work.

This is my passion

I have enjoyed immersing myself in many different business and volunteering opportunities during the past 20 plus years which allowed me to be present for my family.  Through all these endeavors I have been amazed by the power that comes from women connecting, supporting each other and importantly feeling a sense of belonging and purpose.  As I step into this 3rd Chapter of Motherhood, and indeed life, I’m connecting back with who I am, what lights me up and where I can best serve now.  My family will always be at the heart of all I do, but my focus has shifted and I’m carving out time to follow a passion of my own.

I have had uncomfortable realisations but incredible personal growth as I’ve stepped into my 50’s with more intention, a greater purpose and less giving a f@#*.  There wasn’t an instant flick of the switch to create this change, but rather a slow, occasionally tearful, often scary building of this new version of me.

I’m now a qualified Life Coach, having studied through the heart-centered Beautiful You Coaching Academy. This was an absolute journey of personal growth and it’s shown me how to define success and thrive in my own unique way. I’m a Women’s Circle facilitator, which is deeply fulfilling work, and am currently diving into Human Design studies. Together with the life experience and wisdom gathered over 50 plus years I am working to empower women to rediscover their sense of self belief, confidence and the passion for life that lights them up!

There is an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and give if we open ourselves up to the wealth of wisdom and possibility surrounding us.  I truly want to support and guide you through this journey of transformation. 

 You are not alone!  I will see you, hear you and value your unique journey.

We may be soul sisters if

Some favourites


River walk with Chez

the outdoors

Spending time outdoors everyday whether walking, tending my veggies or flowers is essential to my wellbeing.

my family

Walking on the beach with my family

my heart

Letting go of my old need to control, giving them wings and finding the delight.


Kirsty walking


Exploring new places and rediscovering the joy of old ones, meeting new people or spending time with the ones you love – life is an adventure!

YOU are the greatest project you will ever work on.

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