3 values in vibrant 3D

When was the last time you did something that truly lit you up, left you buzzing, and filled your cup in a HUGE way?

I’ve just returned from a fantastic 5-day trip to Melbourne, and let me tell you, every box was checked off in the most incredible ways.

The main reason for my trip was to attend the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Inspiration Day (the same academy I completed my coaching training through). These events happen twice a year in various cities worldwide, and being able to join one in Australia right after my graduation felt like the ultimate culmination of my studying journey.

The energy, warmth, and support in the room were palpable, not to mention the colours and sparkles that added an extra layer of magic. Just being there made me deeply appreciate the privilege I have—to step out my door, board a plane, and participate in such a high-calibre event. Of course, none of this would be possible without the unwavering support of my incredible husband and family. As my kids grow older (and I worry more about leaving our dog than them), these solo adventures become even more fulfilling.

There’s something truly special about in-person events. The community you’ve come to know in a 2D space suddenly bursts into vibrant 3D life.

During the coaching course, we delved into the foundational role of our values in both our personal and business lives. I thought I had my values sorted with what I called my 5 C’s. However, working through the modules helped me refine them further and truly understand what each word means to me.

Now, my 3 C’s serve as my anchor and guide, leading me forward and back home to myself. While family remains at the heart of everything I do, my core values of Connection, Courage, and Celebration drive me every day.

Let’s break these down:

Connection: For me, this is vital. Building community and fostering connections have been ongoing journeys as I’ve moved across countries and cities. It takes intention and effort, and at times, I’ve faltered in maintaining connections, leading to a drop in happiness and growth. Whether it’s connecting in quieter, intimate settings or embracing the energy of larger gatherings, I find it energising and crucial for personal growth.

Courage: This hasn’t always been a priority, but at this stage of life, I’m all about embracing courage. It’s about doing things my way, sharing my voice, and staying curious about the world and my work. Stepping into a room full of strangers or sharing my thoughts here with you takes courage. I’m committed to showing up with bravery, growing, and building what I believe in.

Celebration: This is essential for both the small, everyday moments and the big milestones in life. It’s about celebrating others through kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness. I choose to celebrate my family’s traditions, the freedom in my life, and the responsibility I take for my decisions.

Now, you might wonder about the other C’s—Curiosity and Commitment. Through courage and celebrating every step of the journey, I stay committed, and curiosity is woven into my connections and celebrations of the world around me.

So, how do you bring your values to life?

  • Make them visual: Create reminders that you see daily—print them out, stick post-its in your space, make a values vision board, or create a Pinterest board with inspiring pins for each value. If you see them and allow them to inspire you daily then the likelihood of you living them increases greatly.
  • Check in regularly: Reflect on how your values are coming to life. Are they guiding you or tucked away in a drawer? Set a date with yourself to journal, reflect or question how your values make you feel.
  • Use them in decision-making: Ask yourself, “What would [insert value] do?” or “How would [insert value] bring me closer to what I want from this situation?” You need to bring your values to life, not leave them as words on a sheet of paper.
  • Seek alignment: When feeling lost, turn to your values for guidance. They’ll remind you of what’s truly important. Go within yourself and the work you’ve already done in uncovering your values, rather than looking for external answers.
  • Share them: Let your loved ones know what matters to you and why.

What will you do to bring your values to life? I’d love to hear from you! If you’re unsure about your values and need some help uncovering them, shoot me an email, and let’s chat.

Here’s to living a life guided by what truly matters and feeling energised by it!