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Barbie, Downton Abbey & The Power Within!

Have you ever noticed how certain messages seem to keep appearing in our lives, gently nudging us to pay attention?

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Plugging back into your Power

Have you ever felt like you were merely going through the motions, operating on autopilot? If so, I invite you to explore the concept of plugging back into your power—the power that resides within each of us, waiting to be harnessed and unleashed.

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photo of a woman near falling leaves

“Leaf” comparisons behind now!

Internal change is so often a progression and for each of us it’s a unique journey. While gathering leaves I was struck how they’re all so beautifully different in the way they change during the season.

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Letting go and embracing change 🍂

The changing of the seasons remind us of the impermanence of things and the importance of living in the present moment. We can appreciate the beauty of each season as it comes and goes, and find joy in the small moments that make up our lives.

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